Monday, February 20, 2017

Restock: Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen

New stocks of Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens are here! Plus, from previous price of P865.00, we have marked it down again to P695.00 only!

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens were first released in 2011 as a pioneer of low-priced fountain pens. Created based of a theme of “making a fountain pen more functional and enjoyable for everyday use,” Plaisir fountain pen has been well received among a wide variety of customers since its launch.
  • It applies “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from drying out in the pen, therefore it provides a smooth reliable writing even though not using the pen for a year.
  • Alumite finish on durable aluminum body providing an elegant glow.
  • The nib made of a mixed metal provides a point excellent in abrasion resistance. By replacing the ink cartridge, users can enjoy the pen for a long time.
  • Available in nib sizes 03 (Fine) and 05 (Medium)

Introducing the "2017 Color of the Year" Nova Orange

Frosty Blue



Each pen comes in a Platinum box with 1 free ink cartridge.

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens are available in all Scribe Writing Essentials stores. Order Online at